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Unauthorized Collection of E-Mail Refusals

Kokusai Express is committed to ensuring the security of our members’ personal Information.
Please note that any email address posted on the website may be used to refuse the unauthorized collection of email collection programs or other information by means of technical devices, and that any breach of this will be punishable criminally under the Information and Communications Network Act.

As of September 1, 2012 Posting
Book 50, paragraph 2 Newly established
・No person may use programs or other technical devices to automatically collect e-mail addresses on Internet homepages that expressly object to the collection of e-mail addresses, nor may they collect e-mail addresses.
・No-one may sell or distribute e-mail addresses collected in breach of paragraph 1.
・No-one may use an e-mail address for the transmission of information, knowing that its collection, sale or circulation is prohibited in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2.
Book 50, paragraph 2 Amendments
Any person who forwards advertising information for commercial purposes by e-mail, telephone, copy transmission or any other media provided for in the Presidential Decree shall, in accordance with the Presidential Decree, clearly indicate in the advertising information the following
・Types and main contents of forwarded information
・Name and contact details of forwarder
・The source from which the e-mail address was collected (limited to e-mail)
・Matters relating to measures and methods to make it easier for people to indicate their refusal to receive messages.
Tighter restrictions on transfer formats → fine of up to 10 million won
Prohibition of unauthorized collection, sale, distribution and use of e-mail addresses → fine of up to 10 million won
(Prohibition of unauthorized collection activities, sale and distribution, and use of e-mail addresses on Internet websites where the intention to refuse collection is clearly stated)