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HOMEServiceAir transport

Utilizing our global network that extends around the world
We offer the best transportation methods and costs from Japan to the rest of the world.

  • ⚫︎ Consolidation Cargo Service(Consolidation)
  • ⚫︎  SEA & AIR transportation services
  • ⚫︎ Comprehensive services from pickup to packing, customs clearance, air freight forwarding, Door To Door, etc.
  • ⚫︎ ri-nation transportation services through our worldwide network.

  • Our services
    Air Freight Services to the World
    General cargo, exhibition cargo, overseas moving cargo, etc.
    Consolidation Services
    From receipt to packaging, customs clearance, pallets, delivery, etc.
    Transport services for special cargo, refrigerated and frozen goods and dangerous goods
    Service features
    01Low-cost proposal through cost reduction
    We offer the best transportation methods and costs with our integrated door-to-door transportation and worldwide network.
    02Service proposals based on a wealth of experience and know-how

    We select transportation routes that take into account lead time and costs not only by utilizing our extensive experience and know-how accumulated as an air forwarder, but through close communication among the staff in each department and office.We also provide packaging and transportation environments that suit the characteristics of the cargo we receive.

    03Close partnerships and a worldwide network
    With our extensive logistics know-how and close partnerships with overseas logistics providers, we provide the best air logistics services through our worldwide network.
    04Value-added Transportation Services – Chemicals, Dangerous Goods, Electronic Precision Instruments
    We can also provide detailed support for the transport of cargo requiring specialist know-how in the handling of chemicals and dangerous goods, as well as high-performance logistics such as tri-national transport and combined transport modes.
    Unit loading capacity/pallet information for air freight
    Transport of dangerous goods(Based on DGR: Dangerous Goods Regulations)

    Cargo transport by air should not only be fast and reliable, but above all, it must be safe. In addition, “No person shall carry on board an aircraft any articles set forth in the preceding paragraph.” The following is a list of the regulations.

    Air transport of dangerous goods, whether domestic or foreign, is subject to the Civil Aeronautics Law, Civil Aeronautics Enforcement Regulations, Ministry of Transport Notifications, and IATA/ICAO regulations. According to aviation-related laws and regulations, dangerous goods are prohibited in principle, but may be transported only when certain conditions are met.

    Precautions for shipping dangerous goods
    Content: Please check in advance whether the cargo is classified as dangerous goods.
    Packing method and container: Do the packing method, net weight and volume comply with the standard?
    The labels specified in the Dangerous Goods Classification List are clearly attached and the packaging is marked as specified.
    Dangerous goods declaration form: Has the prescribed dangerous goods declaration form been correctly completed and signed by the shipper?
    Types of dangerous goods
    Combustible solids
    Inflammable gases
    Spontaneous combustible substances
    Substances liable to transmit pathogens
    Non-flammable, non-toxic gas
    Other combustible substances
    Radioactive substances
    Toxic gases
    Oxidizing substances
    Corrosive substances
    Inflammable liquids
    Organic peroxides
    Other hazardous substances
    We offer a wide range of services for our customers.
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